New to State of Survival game? This article covers how to play the State of Survival game, about troops, heroes, buildings, and other concepts such as progression, resources, VIP, alliance, getting stronger, HQ, and much more.

You will have a base to manage where you can construct the facilities that produce the resources, train troops, heroes, and help you in the battles. Resources are required to grow the base; for each activity, these resources are needed; for example — training the troops, upgrading the buildings, etc.

Read the battle guide below for more information. You can send them to plunder the resources from the wilderness map. Assign them on the barricade as settlement defense. The goal is to grow the base, have a great army of troops and heroes, and keep getting powerful day-by-day. Troops help you in gathering, attacking infected, other players, and in defense.

Certain types of troops are strong and weak against each other. You should know which type of troop will have an advantage in the battle; only then you can utilize them properly in the battles. Infantry troops are trained in barracks. Infantry troops are further sub-classified into two types: Shields infantry troops with shields have an increased defense against bow type troop units.

Shotguns Infantry troops with shotguns have an increased defense against Riders. Riders Troops are trained in Garage. Rider troops are further sub-classified into two types; ATVs rider troops with ATVs inflict more damage on infantry units. Bikers Rider troops with bikes inflict more DMG on hunters. Hunter Troops are trained in range building at the settlement.

They are further sub-classified into two types; Bows hunters that use bow inflict more damage on infantry units. Snipers Hunters with sniper inflict more DMG on riders. By upgrading the training facility, you can unlock high-tier new troops. When you have unlocked high-tier new troops, you can upgrade the existing low-tier troops to high-tier ones; high-tier troops have better stats.

At the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the chief avatar and there you can equip gears, grant EXP to level up, and spend talent points. You can read more in this State of Survival chief guide.

You can read more about the troops here. Build and upgrade buildings to increase building battle power. There are three types of buildings in the game; economy, military, and decoration.

In the Workshop, you can craft the gears.

state of survival search level 20 infected

Equip the gear to heroes and chief to increase gear battle power. So that would be all in this State Of Survival guide to increase the battle power. The total March Capacity determines the number of troops that you can send to a march.

state of survival search level 20 infected

You would be willing to go with more troops as the more the troops, the more powerful the march is. And, the total march capacity in the State of Survival game is determined by the Hero that you have assigned for the march and the HQ level. If you want to increase the march capacity, then you will have to raise the hero level and HQ level. Related — State of Survival Heroes. How do you increase the troop load?

By sending more troops on the march, you can increase the troop load. So raise the march capacity — to send more troops and increase the troop load.With each wave of infected defeated, higher level infected ones will spawn in a time that is longer after each next wave, giving you more time to heal wounded and prepare for the next wave.

After 1h, 10 waves will have spawned already. It does not matter if you are online - you are participating in the event, as long as your defending army can hold the front line and kill more than half of the intruders. Your defense has failed 2 times. The Horde will cease attacking if your defense fails twice. You lose the event when you can't kill more than a half of the attackers. For each successful defense you get a score depending on how many units you managed to defeat.

When you lose, your settlement becomes "on fire", the same as other alliance members that lost will be "on fire" and won't score towards the event anymore.

This is the moment when you have to send reinforcement troops to your allies that are still not "on fire". Your alliance HQ gets attacked too, ensure that its reinforced properly.

Horde masters does not attack every member, but yield much more points - as soon as wave starts, reinforce your ally who is being targeted by master, to get more points. Before wave 7 When next wave is "Lv.

They will attack only 15 of us. Watch when they spawn - if you are not attacked, go quickly and reinforce closest one to you that is being attacked - you will get bonus score. Before wave 10 When nave is "Lv. They will attack only the HQ. You have to reinforce only with tier 5 troops or higher, don't crowd the HQ with too many troops, DON'T send infantry - they are not effective against overlord!

We have 10 minutes to prepare. Before wave 14 Next wave is "Lv. Watch when they spawn - if you are not attacked, go quickly reinforce closest to you that is being attacked - you will get bonus score.Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

State of Survival is a classic post-apocalyptic strategy game where you need to fight off crowds of zombies. An interesting storyline is traced in the game, surviving people tell about it.

The main character is Sergeant, a brave warrior. The plot is twisted around the camp, which must be built and developed. The main characters with which the player interacts are commanders.

Infected Horde

There are 15 commanders in the game. Each hero has his own unique skills. It is skills that determine the type of commander and his usefulness in battles. The most useful abilities are the ability to put additional equipment on the field for damage for example, a sergeant can put an additional machine gun that hits enemies. Also useful is the ability to stun the enemy for a while or to cause long-term damage for example, burning.

State of Survival Guide to Alliance

When leveling the title of a hero. Each new title adds indicators to the main characteristics of the character attack, health, defense. This is necessary for passing the Explorer Trail and some game temporary events. In addition to this title, military performance is increased:. In addition to the fact that the commanders are divided according to the types of troops, they have specializations:.

The call. Heroes are assembled from fragments puzzles. In the future, using these fragments, you can increase the rank of commanders. Level up. The level can be raised for the heroes during the passage of the story campaign, as well as with the help of books.

The level limit depends on the title of the hero. You can also increase the level with the help of special books "Textbooks on tactics", which are obtained in the trail of the researcher, given for completing daily tasks during certain events.

Promotion of rank rank. To increase the rank you need to collect 2 ingredients: these are the puzzles of the heroes themselves and the character of the hero. Signs are distributed by rarity. The maximum rank limit is determined by the level of the Hero Base.

The higher the title of the hero, the more ingredients for leveling it up. But here a problem arises - this is the "sign of an excellent hero" epic. In the game there are a lot of such characters, the desire to pump everyone. But the signs are difficult to get, so at the start you need to select several main commanders and pump them, and then take on the remaining characters. Where to get the puzzles of heroes?The Infected Horde event is an event that twice every two weeks, during which every city in your alliance is attacked by waves of infected hordes.

Note that this video does not show the actual Infected Horde event in action. Watch the video on www. Waves and attack cities, waves 10 and 20 attack the Alliance Headquarters. Tactics For each city as an alliance you can achieve points, so it is best to keep as many cities in the game as long as possible.

As a preparation step you should make sure everyone in the alliance knows when the Infected Horde Event will commence, so that not only as many people as possible are online, but also that people who are not online, keep their troops in their city as opposed to gathering. During the event reinforcing other cities is very important, there are three situations in which this can be useful. Early on the stronger players can reinforce the weaker with part of their troops, so that the weaker stay longer in the game.

At the end the weaker players can reinforce the strong to keep them longer in the game. Since defense is not important, focus on damage dealers like Hunters and Riders, and leave out the defensive oriented Infantry unless you are unable to have a full march without Infantry when you are reinforcing another player or the Alliance HQ. For the Alliance Headquarters always make sure the player with highest Command Station level is the first to reinforce. The Command Station level of the first player reinforcing determines the total reinforcement capacity.

Note that it is best to only reinforce when someone is no longer able to defend on his own. This is because there are a maximum amount of points for each wave for each city. This can lead to frustration because ranking high or sort of high, I have gotten ranking rewards for ranking in the event is very important for rewards.

state of survival search level 20 infected

Note that some test seem to indicate that you perform better if you sent out all infantry troops from your city e. Wave Breakdown As already mentioned wave 10 and wave 20 are special waves, they target the alliance headquarters instead of player cities. There are some other waves that are special too, wave 7, 14 and Those are waves were only a relatively small number of settlements are targetted, but they are targetted by a larger amount of troops, Horde Masters.

If you are not attacked during those waves, it is good to reinforce other players, especially during Wave 14 and Find below all wave info in tabular format. Wave Nr. Points Comment 20 Alliance Headquarters 19 18 17 Horde Master 16 15 14 Horde Master 13 12 11 10 Alliance Headquarters 9 8 7 Horde Master 6 5 4 3 2 1 Note that Points in italic are estimates based on available data.

Might be difference in points in different difficulty of the Infected Horde.

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Additional Info Some people will use the Infected Horde event as an opportunity to attack your hive. Because there are many cities burning and a lot of marches, the attacker might not be easily spotted. You do not need to be unshielded to participate in this event, the Infested Horde will attack whether you have a peace flare up or not.

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You only suffer minor losses during this event. Do not forget to repair your Wall Defenses after the event is over. Prizes Based on the alliance points and your own points you get an amount of Alliance Honor as reward. I find this not very interesting, as there are other ways to get Alliance Honor as well.And even though it still has enough elements similar to other games, a State of Survival guide is required to help you get the most out of the game.

This way, you will thrive in the zombie apocalypse and build an amazing city for your survivors. So without further ado, here are our State of Survival tips and tricks so you can learn how to play the game better. Like in all strategy games, having the highest level buildings in State of Survival is extremely important for your progress. So you should always be working on leveling up your buildings. However, even though as soon as you start, you level them up instantly, after reaching HQ level 8 or so, timers start to get above the free threshold and some planning and prioritizing becomes important, especially as these timers go up quickly after you get to HQ level So even though your main goal is to have all your buildings at the maximum level, I would recommend focusing on a few first as some are more important than the others.

Your main goal is getting your Headquarters to a level as high as possible, but going too fast is not an option as you will still not be competitive enough and you will draw the attention of enemies. Therefore, us here at Touch Tap Play suggest you to always upgrade the following before upgrading the HQ to its next level: all troop training facilities, the Warehouse, the Hospitals, the Hero Precinct and the Barricade.

These are the most important buildings in my opinion — having them to the maximum level is always important. The others can simply be left a bit behind without big problems, especially if you are an active player and you constantly gather resources and attack.

We have tested this strategy against a more traditional approach of upgrading everything in the city before upgrading your Headquarters. The traditional method ensures that you build a very balanced city, but progress overall is much slower, so not recommended. The things that sets State of Survival apart from its competitor is the focus on the Explorer Trial missions, where you send your troop commanders to search for a cure for the disease and fight hordes of zombies in the mean time.

These are pretty time consuming and not too fun in my opinion, but you have to complete them for bagging in those rewards and improving your progress in the game. There are also events related to completion of certain level at least at the moment of writing thisso completing the trial missions becomes even more important.

When it comes to the missions themselves, make sure to select your best Heroes and try to mix and match them.

State Of Survival guide: tips, cheats & strategies

I found that the combination of 1 Brawler tanky type and 2 Ranged Heroes works best for most cases. So you can try setting up the team likewise. The starting Hero is vital thanks to its turrets — so keep spamming those on the field, making sure that they cover all the areas and you should have no problem completing the challenges easily… although still time consuming and a bit dull due to their repetitive nature.

This is extremely important, because your troops are the most important element of the base game. So you should always train troops and keep your troop training buildings upgraded to the maximum level.

It goes without saying that you should always train the highest level troops available and completely ignore the others once you unlock something better. The new troops have better stats and are more useful. When sending troops to battle, make sure to always send your best first and keep the lower level ones to defend your city or gather resources on the map. Alternately, when gathering resources only, send the lowest rank troops and keep your best at home for increased defense. In order to go through the game at its pace — but especially grab some impressive rewards along the way, make sure to check out the story missions and complete them ASAP.

These will be completed naturally as you build up your base and perform all sorts of activities. In other words, you can get ahead and simply collect the rewards once the missions catch up.

Then, we have the daily missions which should be your main goal of completion after playing State of Survival for a few days. You get points for performing all sort of activities in the game, and based on that you receive additional rewards. Being part of an active alliance in State of Surival is vital for your overall well being and for easing up your progress. Not only that there are missions that you can only complete with help from fellow alliance members, but you are better protected against enemies looking for farming material, you get all sorts of boosts and progress is much faster.

So being part of an active alliance is vital, I would say. So spend as much time as it is required to find a solid one — one that is active, has people in the same time zone as yours VERY important for rallies! Another important boost that you get from your alliance — which is even more useful in the earlier stages when build and research times are low — is the fact that you get some free time boosters that you can use to speed up your progress. As you progress through the missions and the game itself, you will end up with a gazillion items in your inventory.

You will also have a lot of time boosters and resource boosters and whatnot. When it comes to the resources — I recommend you to keep those and only use them when you need extra resources for upgrades.Riga has much faster hands and being the bookies underdog might inspire him even more.

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What a match up. No one has more ability than this pair. Both have got talent pouring out of their ears.

Walkthrough State of Survival: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

Both have got great attributes and can win any fight on their best day. Rigondeaux is the more experienced and very sharp. He might be able to catch Lomachenko and deliver the knockout blow.

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state of survival search level 20 infected

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