Singaporeans are a price conscious bunch of consumers. While the ride hailing company said that the amount collected from passengers will go towards initiatives designed to improve the experience for customers and driver-partners, it didn't however reveal what these enhancements or initiatives may be. In the eyes of consumers, without good or enhanced customer experience, there are always other options and services out there.

Kan questioned if this additional charge would tackle the issue of drivers cancelling or not showing up. Gojek needs to educate consumers about what it is doing to enhance customer experience. Sanchit Mendiratta, chief growth officer at Happy Marketer said that he would support any initiative that makes the platform secure, improves customer experience and makes the overall ecosystem more sustainable for everyone. However, he added that the timing might not be ideal.

Mendiratta and the Happy Marketer team previously worked with the likes of both Gojek and its biggest competitor Grab.

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The backlash from netizens however, is not the first in Singapore. In JulyGrab faced a similar pushback from netizens over its GrabRewards loyalty programme. This eventually caused the ride hailing company to switch back to its initial loyalty rewards and points system. Read also: Gojek denies talk on Grab merger, calls reporting 'inaccurate' Is Deliveroo's subscription model a recipe for success in loyalty? Most Recent. Avo Insurance forms partnership with Two Sigma to strengthen insurtech offerings.

Adobe adds Simon Tate to management. Olay launches social campaign to up product awareness amongst Millennial women. Singapore Upcoming Events 16 Apr, MADex Singapore. Agency of The Year Singapore. Content Week. The Loyalty and Engagement Awards Singapore.Leaders go only by reputation, not titles. Everyone codes. We believe leaders who code are better judges of technical skill in people. Leaders are 24 years old or Our average age is We care for our people.

This includes gym memberships, buying a cycle, saunas and massages, sports equipment etc We encourage reading. We offer more for technical ones if required. All broadband and mobile bills are reimbursed. We're after all a by-product of the mobile revolution! All employees are encouraged to travel to Jakarta to get a feel of the product, its use cases and understand what makes Gojek a verb in Indonesia.

No office timings; the team collectively decides what works for them. No dress code, an atmosphere of independence in decision-making. Failing is learning. We have a cross-pollination of ideas from Singapore, Indonesia and India. Different cultures, different mindsets, unified in solving problems and learning along the way. And lastly, embrace chaos. Employee Stories. I'm actually blessed to be part of an org that has an innovative and inclusive culture.

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Our attitude is framed around solving difficult problems and inclusivity. This diversity of thought cuts across gender, ethnicities, and backgrounds allowing us to move fast and think different. I love that fact we are a very distributed and culturally dispersed team. I've witnessed interesting insights that I never would have without this diversity.

Gojek is multiple startups in one. We have the equivalents of foodtech, fintech, ride-sharing, home services, logistics and more. Because of the sheer size and scale we operate in, it's unlike any other startup. To be given this platform to experiment and learn with some of the brightest minds is an enticing opportunity.

gojek platform

So much so, I love to talk about these experiences outside of work to friends and family alike - and that shows how rich the culture is. Help Build a SuperApp What do you like to do? I'd like to view all open positions. Product Growth. Program Management. The Gojek Advantage.

Previous We care for our people. Crystal Widjaja. Shobhit Srivastava. Divya Jaisawal. View all positions.We know your time is precious. Our partnership with Doctor Anywhere — an on-demand video consultation platform — lets you skip the queue and get connected to certified doctors from wherever you are, at any time.

Subscription fees fully-paid for by Gojek for all active driver-partners.

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Your medications sent to your doorstep in 3 hours. The app will show a payment page after the pre-consultation survey. Simply click Pay to continue! You will be charged only upon successful connection with a doctor. Many common illnesses and chronic conditions can be effectively treated even via video consultation!

gojek platform

Types of conditions approved by the relevant authorities include:. For other conditions, the doctor will assess your history, current symptoms, and other available documents to determine if your condition is suitable for a video consultation. Created with Sketch. How it works.

Prepayment The app will show a payment page after the pre-consultation survey. Purchase medication optional If the doctor has prescribed medication for you, you will receive a push notification once the prescription is ready for viewing Click on the push notification to be directed to the purchase page Click on Next to proceed to the delivery page Put in your address and choice of delivery timing. Click on Next to proceed to payment Click on Confirm Purchase to proceed.

What kind of conditions are suitable for video consultations? Can healthcare professionals on Doctor Anywhere prescribe medication? Doctors on the platform are fully certified to prescribe medication for infections, allergies, skin conditions, injuries, and more. You can also choose to have these medications delivered to your doorstep within 3 hours. Can the doctors on Doctor Anywhere issue medical certificates or referral letters?

Doctors on the platform are fully certified to issue medical documents as needed. These documents will be available for viewing in-app after the consultation, with the option to email them to yourself.Traffic congestion is a fact of life for most Indonesian residents. To minimize delays, Indonesians rely heavily on motorcycles, including motorcycle taxis, known as ojeks, to travel to and from work or personal engagements.

FromGO-JEK collected data to understand customer behavior and in launched a mobile application that bundled ride-hailing, food delivery, and grocery shopping. GO-JEK continued to listen to its customers and gain usage feedback to inform the development of new products.

The business has now bundled more than 18 products, one loyalty program, and one electronic money service in its application, as well as other products outside the application. Customers have downloaded the application nearly million times. GO-JEK today operates in cities and districts throughout Indonesia and is the largest player in many industry verticals. Our platform supports socioeconomic mobility in Indonesia by allowing people to rise up from poverty.

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Furthermore, our payment service has become one of the leading e-money platforms in Southeast Asia. The business has relied heavily on the skills and expertise of its technology team, and on selecting the right technologies, to grow and to expand into new markets. Google Maps Platform now resides at the core of our engine to help us figure out optimized routes and estimated times of arrival for our drivers.

Google Cloud Platform solutions play an integral role in enabling GO-JEK to capture and analyze the data associated with 1 million drivers across districts and cities, and 2. We need to leverage this data to tell our drivers where demand from customers is strongest and how to get there.

Ultimately, thanks to Google Cloud Professional Services, we had a deeper understanding of Google technologies, greater collaboration, smarter designs, and a faster time to market. As GO-JEK eyes expansion into international markets, data science and machine learning are becoming increasingly important to the business. Furthermore, when so many decisions are being made in real time, machine learning is critical.

However, he was spending a lot of time on engineering rather than exploring data and creating features and models. The Professional Services team held workshops, architecture and design sessions, as well as hands-on technology deep dives.

Those teams would benefit from automated reporting, archival, monitoring, event alerts, and security through the foundation, while the data science and machine learning teams could access the data they needed to generate insights.

With feature creation, standardization, and consistency resolved through a combination of Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam, the business had to select a feature storage environment.

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Who would have thought we would now be a leading application for transport, food, and other services in Indonesia? From there, the business uses Google Data Studio to visualize the effectiveness of specific features in predicting outcomes or optimizing for objectives.

GO-JEK has also created a feature explorer that its data scientists can use to find features, select them in BigQuery, and train their models.Growth Platforms — Growth Platforms. Apply for this job. As a Platform Partnership Associate, you will be driving growth in of our products yes plural. You will work closely with Product, Engineering, Commercial, and Legal teams on new initiatives and key strategic relationships, executing our strategy and identifying industry trends and key influences in order to remain competitive.

You will also be responsible for leading and negotiating growth projects for Gojek to third parties. In this role, you will contribute experience working with executives and partner-facing teams to initiate, support and grow partners' accounts. Third-Party Platform is Gojek fourth product pillar, the future-facing product stream that aims to grow Gojek with new use cases and new users at scale by partnering with third parties.

Apa saja Teknologi yang dipakai Gojek?

Our roles in Gojek is to build a scalable marketplace of consumer solutions that efficiently unlock hundreds of use cases for the consumer super app, that will accelerate Gojek's entry to new industries, markets, and partnerships. Gojek is an equal opportunity workplace that is committed to diversity and inclusion. At Gojek we celebrate our differences, because we believe that diversity not only creates a healthier work environment for our employees, but also helps our business thrive.

Gojek is a technology startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

gojek platform

Specialising in ride-hailing and logistics, we are also the only company in Southeast Asia to be part of Fortune's 50 Companies That Changed the World Gojek is a Super App : one app with over 20 services including food delivery, commuting, digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, massages, and many more. Our total of 2, driver-partners collectively travel Gojek Home Page Jobs powered by.In a world that is largely driven by digital technology, there is little that has been left untouched by Gojek.

Making a modest beginning as a nondescript call center, this Indonesia-based company today is developing products that help millions of people commute, shop, eat, pay, and do a dozen other things daily. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Desperate times also manage to separate the chaff from the wheat.

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In these times of coronavirus crisis, the fear of job loss and salary cuts are all too real, putting the onus on organisations to choose the right path. Five years ago, Gaurav Rakheja was as far from technology as you could get — he was freshly enrolled in law school, while dabbling in music on the side, strumming classic Led Zeppelin tunes at gigs around the capital. He dropped out and decided to pursue a degree in computer science. After that, he says, there was no looking back.

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Uber Eats, a food delivery wing of ride-hailing platform Uber, had been in talks with other food-delivery players in the market, for a possible merger. Many rumours had surfaced of Uber Eats' possible acquisition by Zomato.

And lo and behold! It's here. Recently, she participated in a hackathon in Bengaluru organized by Skillenza for Indonesian on-demand services company Gojek. SheHack, as it was called, had only women.

Head of engineering and MD, Gojek India, Sidu Ponnappa knows how to scale software, and where the cracks appear as the startup progresses. Nadiem, Andre and Kevin have been running the business together for a number of years, which will ensure that this leadership transition will run smoothly.

George Do has been appointed Chief Information Security Officer CISO at Gojek, where he will be responsible for the security of the company, including its portfolio of apps, products and services, as well as overall information security strategy and management of governance, risk and compliance. JAKARTA: Indonesian ride-hailing and payments firm Gojek on Thursday Sep 26 launched a video streaming service featuring original movies and TV shows, as the firm makes a big push into online content in Southeast Asia's largest economy, its entertainment chief said.

His entrepreneurial journey has many lessons for anyone aspiring to strike out on their own - of success, innovations, technology, and more. But then, something else happened.

In the ultimate jugaad, he managed to hitch a ride home with the delivery executive. While Zomato, present in over cities across the country, may not be a bike-hailing service, it did so for one night.

Indonesia has been identified as the second-largest global polluter of plastic waste after China. Every year around 3 million tons of plastic waste from Indonesia pollutes the ocean.

gojek platform

Major rivers and coastal areas have been filled with rubbish that may take hundreds of years to decompose. The two companies will work together to provide greater options on cashless payments and more seamless experiences for consumers across Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Bengaluru: Gojek, one of the hottest startups from Southeast Asia. On Tuesday, it also announced it has opened its second engineering and product development centre in India, in Gurgaon, where it plans to hire over people.

The first centre is in Bengaluru. As part of the deal, the AirCTO team will be joining Gojek with immediate effect and will be looking into building products that accelerate the recruitment of talent for Gojek. CLOUD computing has been around for more than a decade, having first become a topic of discussion at IT conferences and seminars way back in Back then, it primarily referred to a new infrastructure that provided on-demand access to data storage and computing power.

With about 50 data scientists spread across geographies, Gojek is built on the philosophy of speed, innovation and social impact.If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. Indonesian unicorn Gojek has launched GoGames, a service that enables users to top up gaming credits, read up on trends and guides for games, and consume content from influencers and professionals in the space. The GoGames platform, which is integrated into the Gojek app in Indonesia, focuses on three key areas: payments, features, and content.

With GoGames Top-up, users can purchase game credits and virtual items for various titles. It also offers promos, discounts, vouchers, and special offers from GoPay such as cashback for game top-up.

GoGames Recipe, on the other hand, provides tips and guides for players, as well as information about national and international tournaments. According to a study by Pokkt, Decision Lab, and Mobile Marketing Association, the number of mobile gamers in Indonesia has surpassed 60 million and is expected to reach million by Last year, local conglomerate Salim Group signed a partnership with esports events organizer ESL that allowed the latter to host gaming tournaments in the country.

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Already a subscriber? Log in. Miguel Cordon. Comment now. Free daily newsletter featuring stories curated by our editors, delivered directly to you. Gojek launches gaming platform GoGames in Indonesia.

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Indonesian ride-hailer Gojek takes on Netflix with video-streaming platform

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